CSA_Week of October 5th

This week's bounty: Bok choy, Delicata squash, Easter egg radishes, green leaf lettuce, leeks, mixed heirloom tomatoes mixed sweet peppers, purple top turnips.  The recipes outlined below can be found on my Pinterest site; select the board entitled CSA_Recipes_2017

Bok choy: Sautee with garlic and olive oil.  At last minute, add a few squirts of fish sauce.  Serve over rice with toasted cashews. 

Delicata squash: delicata squash salad bowls by Liz at Floating Kitchen

Salad of lettuce, radishes, tomatoes

Radish greens: sauteed with olive oil and garlic and served over rice

Leeks: creamy leek and shiitake papparadelle by Michelle at The Last Food Blog

Sweet peppers: nothing to exciting.  Chopped and put in salads and omelettes.

Purple top turnips: purple top turnip and parmesan chips from Farm Fresh to You.

CSA_Week of September 28th

This week's bounty: celeriac, Corbaci peppers, French breakfast radishes, green butterhead lettuce, green kale, green mizuna, red leaf lettuce, spaghetti squash, Yukon Gold potatoes

Salad of butterhead and red leaf lettuce, radishes with leftover tomatoes and green beans from last week.

Celeriac: celeriac and fennel soup from Sylvia of Feasting at Home

Corbaci peppers: Gotta tell ya.  I'm peppered out.  Just added them to eggs for an omelette. 

Green kale: sauteed briefly with garlic and olive oil.  Then added chicken broth to steam.  Finished with garbanzo beans.  

Green mizuna: sauteed with olive oil and garlic and served over rice with toasted pine nuts. 

Spaghetti squash: spaghetti squash with basil parsley pesto and sauteed shrimp from Julia at The Roasted Root

Yukon Gold potatoes: simply mashed


CSA_Week of September 21st

This week's bounty: butternut squash, celery, green beans, green butterhead lettuce, mixed Hot Peppers, Red Russian kale, red tomatoes

Butternut squash / kale: spicy kale and Chipotle chickpea and roasted butternut squash salad by Sarah Nevins at A Saucy Kitchen

Celery: olive and celery salad by Julie at Redhead Can Decorate

Green beans: green bean salad with mustard vinaigrette by Catherine McCord at Weelicious

Green butterhead lettuce: simple salad of lettuce, tomato, onion, emmer berries, nuts, dried fruit, vinaigrette

Mixed Hot Peppers: Chiu chow sauce by The Woks of Life

Red tomatoes: use in salad above and with basil / mozzarella