CSA_Week of August 17th

This week’s bounty: Bicolor sweet corn, celery, green beans, cantaloupe, mixed hot and sweet peppers, white pearl onions, and yellow Roma tomatoes.

Well, I did not end up using all of my corn and eggplant last week as planned.  I ended up roasting one of the eggplants to make sure it did not go to waste.  I mixed the roasted eggplant pulp in a blender with some of the leftover cashew sauce from the stuffed peppers, added the juice of one lemon, garlic, salt, and pepper to make a spread that I have put on toast and sandwiches.  It was pretty good. 

This week, I'm gonna go crazy making gazpacho with my corn, peppers, and Roma tomatoes.  I will be making Justine's corn and yellow bell pepper soup from Cooking and Beer, Linda Wagner's creamy corn gazpacho, and Jennifer Farley's cantaloupe gazpacho from Savory Simple.  What can I say, it's August.  Unfortunately, there is no celery in any of these soups.  I will be using my celery to make Sue's celery salad with walnut vinaigrette from The View from Great Island. August can get pretty hot and sticky in Philadelphia, so it's nice to have lots of light dishes. I will make Katie's simple skillet green beans from Healthy Seasonal Recipes.  And finally, I will make Regan's glazed pearl onions from Up Close and Tasty.  I love her food photography. 


CSA_Week of August 10th

This week’s bounty: Bicolor sweet corn, Italian eggplant, purple bell peppers, red beets, sweet onions, Thumbelina carrots, and Yukon gold potatoes.  The recipes outlined below can be found on my Pinterest site; select the board entitled CSA_Recipes_2017. 

I'm heading to the beach for a family vacation this week.  My family tends to snack throughout the day and not eat three square meals when we are at the beach.  Everyone fends for themselves.  I am only going to make one main dish for a nice dinner and make lots of little small things that can be used for sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres.  

The main dish will be Burrito Stuffed Peppers with Cashew Sauce from Wallflower Kitchen.  I'm not a huge bell pepper fan.  Usually, I just chop them up and mix them with corn, tomatoes, red onion, good olive oil, and salt/pepper for a cold salad.  I have to tell you that it was the cashew sauce that grabbed my eye.  I will use one of the ears of corn for this and substitute black lentils since I have some leftover black lentils in the freezer that I cooked in bulk from dried lentils a while ago.  I prefer to use dried beans over canned beans because I think the quality is better and they are lower in sodium. With the leftover corn, I will just blanch it and either eat it off the cob, or mix it with tomatoes, red onion, avocado, cilantro, olive oil, lime, salt and pepper. 

The eggplant and potatoes will be roasted.  Nothing fancy.  Just douse with olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast at 400 degrees turning approximately every 15 minutes until the eggplant is soft and you can easily insert a toothpick into the potatoes.  I like to make sandwiches with eggplant, tomato, mozzarella and pesto, or fried egg sandwiches with eggplant and tomato.      

I am going to use the red beets to make Honey Walnut Red Beet Hummus from Simple Seasonal.  I recommend that you taste the hummus before you add the honey since the beets alone will add some sweetness; adjust how much honey you add to your taste.  You can use this as a sandwich bread, on crostini with goat cheese, or just as a dip.  This recipe only requires one cup of beets.  You will have many beets leftover.  The recipe has a link to how to cook beets that is very good.  I recommend that you cook the whole amount of beets you received in your share this way.  Whatever beets are not used for the hummus can be put in a salad or served cold on top of crostini with goat cheese.

As for the sweet onions, in keeping with the hors d'oeuvres theme, I'm looking forward to making Island Mile's Sri Lankan Seeni Sambol (spicy caramelized onion relish).  This recipes calls for an uncommon ingredient in United States: pandan leaves.  I found them in the freezer section at the Asian Market on 6th and Walnut in Philadelphia.  If you are not from Philadelphia, check your nearest Asian Market.  

I'm pretty boring when it comes to carrots since my husband, Mike, usually eats all of them, but he's been falling behind lately.  I will make another batch of Maggie's Carrot Top Pesto from EatBoutique.  I have been putting the pesto on so many things lately: grilled fish, pasta, crostini. This week, I'm going to use Thai basil that I found at the Asian market when I was looking for pandan leaves.  As for the carrot roots, I'm hoping Mike picks up the pace.  If not, they will go great as crudites for the red beet hummus above. 


CSA_Week of August 3rd

This week’s bounty: Green zucchini, Hungarian hot wax peppers, Japanese eggplant, mixed cherry tomatoes, Purplette onions, and red tomatoes.  The recipes outlined below can be found on my Pinterest site; select the board entitled CSA_Recipes_2017. 

Bring on the zucchini.  I forgot how much zucchini can take over.  Last year, I ended up freezing a ton of zucchini and squash because I could not keep up with it.  I made a lot of zucchini bread over the winter.  But I love sweets, and I have to be really careful about not having too many baked goods in my home.  Starting the day off with cake for breakfast is a dangerous thing.

If you are looking for a quick way to prepare your vegetables, the easiest thing to do is saute the zucchini and squash with garlic and olive oil in bulk and pull from it over the week to make sandwiches with your tomatoes and good bread/cheese/herbs.  Or you can grill it.  The purplette onions would be nice grilled as well.  I am going to saute some for sandwiches and also make this Greek style zucchini salad from Kevin at "Closet Cooking". 

The hot wax peppers and tomatoes will go into a Hungarian salsa called Lesco.  It apparently can be used as a side dish, a sauce, a relish, or a base for braising.   I am going to use it to make chicken thighs braised in Lesco.  The recipe is in the Lesco link above and on my Pinterest site.  It would be nice on a piece of grilled fish as well.  Mike and I put some of the carrot top pesto we made last week on a piece of grilled fish and it was fabulous.  

As for the mixed cherry tomatoes, I plan to make strawberry caprese farrow salad from Laura at "A Beautiful Plate. This looks like a nice salad that could serve as a main dish or a side.  

And finally, I will be making grilled miso glazed Japanese eggplant.  I plan to serve it with basmati rice seasoned with mint.