CSA_Week of October 19th

This week's harvest: Baby green bok choy, butterkin squash, escarole, French breakfast radishes, green oak leaf lettuce, mixed sweet peppers, orange carrots, sweet onions, white cauliflower.  The recipes outlined below can be found on my Pinterest site; select the board entitled CSA_Recipes_2017. 

Salad of mixed lettuces, radishes, and peppers.

Baby green bok choy: sauteed bok choy with lemon and capers from Kathy at Builicious.  I have never mixed capers with bok choy, so I am interested in checking this out.  

Butterkin squash: stuffed butterkin squash from Sasha at Tattooed Martha

Escarole: sauteed escarole with garlic and parmesan from at The Perfect Pantry

Orange carrots: maple gochujang glazed baby carrots from Amber at Quite Good Food.

Sweet onions: black bean walnut burgers with saucy sweet onions from Traci at Vanilla and Bean.

White cauliflower: bang bang cauliflower from at Erin at Olives for Dinner.  Since I don't currently follow a vegan diet, I will be using eggs instead of Ener-G.