CSA_Week of October 26th

This week's bounty: Celery, French breakfast radishes, green butterhead lettuce,  green cabbage, Hakurei turnips, purple carrots - red Russian kale, white scallions. The recipes outlined below can be found on my Pinterest site; select the board entitled CSA_Recipes_2017. 

Salad of butterleaf lettuce, radishes, carrots, and scallions.

Celery: cream of celery soup from Sherrie at With Food and Love.

Green cabbage: gingery cabbage slaw with spicy lime dressing from Anjali at Eat Your Greens.

Hakurei turnips: roasted Harukei turnips with Israeli couscous salad from Cathy Erway at Not Eating Out in New York

Purple carrots: black rice and purple carrots from Maria Laitinen at Scandi Foodie

Red Russian kale: farroto with acorn squash and red russian kale from Elliott and Fred at F For Food.