Welcome to my blog.  I intend to use this blog to share with you the ways that I use the bounty of food I receive from my community supported agriculture (CSA).  I currently am a member of the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative CSA.  Each Thursday, I receive a box of 5-7 vegetables.  Every other week, I receive a dozen eggs as well.  Many people are afraid to purchase CSA shares because they think the food will go to waste.  I will say that there are some weeks when I am overwhelmed trying to work my way through the share, but that is really the point.  I use the CSA share as a structure for making sure that I consume a vegetable based diet for my health.  Over the years, I have found many resources to support my effort.  I will link you to recipes and cookbooks that I have found valuable. 

This week, the share contents included Easter egg radishes, escarole, Italian parsley, orange carrots, red chard, red leaf lettuce, and white kohlrabi.  I am leaving tomorrow to go on vacation for a week, so I am canning like crazy.  So far, I have pickled green onions and kohlrabi greens/stems from last week's share.  I also made vanilla-rhubarb jam from Marisa McClellan's "Food in Jars."  It is rare for me to pickle so much.  I love the vegetables fresh.  But I am unwilling to waste such delicious food.  With this weeks's share, I made navy bean escarole soup and a large salad with the red leaf lettuce, radishes and carrots.  I added thinly sliced kumquats and used a dijon mustard/balsamic vinaigrette.   I sautéed the radish greens and put them over toast with a fried egg from the share.  Please see my Pinterest page entitled CSA_Recipes_2017 for recipes.  The rest will have to wait until I return.  

Whatever has gone bad will be fed to my worms for compost.  Most people talk about their children on their blogs, but not me.  You have the fine pleasure of hearing about compost here.  Oh boy!

I am interested in hearing what you need to support you in eating a healthy diet.  If it is not recipes or cookbook recommendations, please let me know.  I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and will aim to provide you with what you need.