CSA_Week of July 27th

This week’s bounty: bicolor sweet corn, green bell peppers, Indian eggplant, lemon basil, orange carrots, red tomatoes, yellow straight neck squash, and yellow wax beans.  The recipes outlined below can be found on my Pinterest site; select the board entitled CSA_Recipes_2017. 

The longer you wait to eat your corn, the less sweet it will be, so I recommend that you eat your corn the first day you receive it.  It does not need to be cooked long at all.  I just peel of the husk and throw it into a pot of boiling water for one minute.  If I can keep Mike from bumping into me and eating the corn over the sink, it will make it to the dinner table.  We seldom put anything on it, but if we do, it’s butter, salt, and pepper.  I use butter made from grass fed cows, though you may want to use olive oil to limit your saturated fat intake depending on what else you eat.  You can also cut the corn off the cob after it has been blanched and mix it with your tomato, green pepper, and some red onion.  Add a splash of good olive oil, salt, pepper and some of your lemon basil to season it.  This makes for a great cold salad or side dish.  And don't throw away the cobs; use them to Emily Pasters' delicious corn stock

The green bell pepper can also be used with the eggplant, tomatoes, and yellow squash to make Sylvia Fountaine’s sheet pan ratatouille.  It looks delicious.  I cannot wait to try this.  She is one of my favorite bloggers.  Everything that I have made from her blog has been as good as her food photography suggests.  Check out her blog, Feasting at Home

Another option is to simply slice the eggplant and squash relatively thinly and saute each in olive oil and garlic or coat it with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and roast it on parchment paper at 375 degrees for ~30 minutes turning once midway.  After they have cooled, store them in the refrigerator.  During the week, pull them out and make a quick sandwich by adding tomato,  fresh mozzarella, and good olive oil, salt/pepper or some of your pre-made pesto from last week. 

Since I have not found much to do with the carrot greens, I am going to make more pesto using the lemon basil.  And if you remember from last week’s post, Mike will eat all of the carrots. 

Finally, I plan to pickle the yellow wax beans.  This year, I am committed to pickling one item from each of my weekly deliveries in order to learn more about pickling and because I love to have cold foods on hand to make nice platters when the weather gets to hot.  Philadelphia can be unbearable at times in August. 


Here's to your health!