CSA_Week of August 17th

This week’s bounty: Bicolor sweet corn, celery, green beans, cantaloupe, mixed hot and sweet peppers, white pearl onions, and yellow Roma tomatoes.

Well, I did not end up using all of my corn and eggplant last week as planned.  I ended up roasting one of the eggplants to make sure it did not go to waste.  I mixed the roasted eggplant pulp in a blender with some of the leftover cashew sauce from the stuffed peppers, added the juice of one lemon, garlic, salt, and pepper to make a spread that I have put on toast and sandwiches.  It was pretty good. 

This week, I'm gonna go crazy making gazpacho with my corn, peppers, and Roma tomatoes.  I will be making Justine's corn and yellow bell pepper soup from Cooking and Beer, Linda Wagner's creamy corn gazpacho, and Jennifer Farley's cantaloupe gazpacho from Savory Simple.  What can I say, it's August.  Unfortunately, there is no celery in any of these soups.  I will be using my celery to make Sue's celery salad with walnut vinaigrette from The View from Great Island. August can get pretty hot and sticky in Philadelphia, so it's nice to have lots of light dishes. I will make Katie's simple skillet green beans from Healthy Seasonal Recipes.  And finally, I will make Regan's glazed pearl onions from Up Close and Tasty.  I love her food photography.