CSA_Week of August 24th

This week's bounty: Banana peppers, Bulls blood beets, green beans, jalapeno peppers, mixed yummy peppers, red cherry tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, red tomatoes, rosa bianca eggplant, yukon gold potatoes

Well, the creamy corn and cantaloupe gazpacho from last week were both great.  Mike and I devoured the corn soup, and shared the cantaloupe soup with friends at a brunch.  The corn soup called for cayenne pepper, but there was no amount recommended.  I blindly added chili pepper, and it was pretty spicy.  People enjoyed it.  I had some leftover corn, so I also made chilled sweet corn soup from Mantitlement that was delicious.  I added some jumbo lump crab to the lefter bowl and that was even sweeter. Mike and I ended up eating the second cantaloupe with prosciutto.  We are still working on the eggplant and Sri Lanken caramelized onions.  

I often just blog about individual recipes and include lots of sides.  Here's an entree for you, though: Peter Loren's pasta with Rosa Bianca Eggplant and heirloom cherry tomatoes.  

I'm so tempted to make another batch of Lesco since it was so delicious, but I am trying to avoid food jags.  Instead, I will be making Heather's banana pepper salsa from Gourmet Meals for Less.  The jalapenos will go into a blackberry jalapeno pepper jelly from Southern Made Simple, and I will either roast the sweet peppers or mix them with pasta and tomatoes.  

With the beets, I will make Amy Chaplin's marinated beet salad with feta, mint, and pistachios. Amy's book, At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen is one of my all time favorite cookbooks.  In 2015, it won the James Beard Award for best vegetable focused and vegetarian cookbook. The other salad I will be making is Stef and Tyna's oak leaf lettuce salad.  It's nice to start seeing lettuces in the share, though I must say that I am not yet ready for cold weather. 

The green beans will be used in Katie's green beans with walnuts and balsamic from Healthy Seasonal Recipes. And finally, I will be making mustard crusted potatoes from Two Peas and Their Pod.  Mike was so excited yesterday when he saw the potatoes from the share.  He can be such a kid sometimes.