CSA_Week 3_May 24

Well, I did not end up making my own ravioli last week.  The week got ahead of me, and I ran out of time.  I did, however, make the pesto and put it on top of Talutto's ravioli instead.  It was delicious.  Very lemony and nutty.  The turnips roasted with the sautéed turnip greens over quinoa were also great.  See last week's blogpost for links to the recipes.

This week's bounty includes: asparagus, collar greens, cremini mushrooms, green garlic, green romaine lettuce, red scallions, and spinach.  With the asparagus and spinach, I will be making an asparagus orange and spinach salad with basil lemon vinaigrette.  The collard greens will be used this savory grits with bbq tempeh and collard greens recipe. And the mushrooms will shine in a toasted brown rice with cremini mushrooms and thyme dish.  I don't have a Pinterest link for green garlic, but I plan to make a roasted green garlic chutney from the Katchi's Kitchen blogpost on various ways to use green garlic in Indian cuisine.  I hope at least one of these recipes calls to you.  The scallions will accumulate as I gradually use them in omelettes and the lettuce will be a base for some delicious salads.  Have a great week.