010: Keepwell Vinegar with Isaiah Billington

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Today’s guest is Isaiah Billington from Keepwell Vinegar where he ferments artisan vinegars and miso with his partner Sarah Conozio. 

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In today’s episode, Isaiah and I discuss:

  • The basic steps required to make vinegar

  • Which vinegars taste better young vs. old

  • The many ways in which fermented vinegar can be used in the kitchen

    …and much more

Check out the resources Isaiah recommends:


Caputo Brothers Creamery

DiBruno Bros

Woodbury Kitchen

Acid Trip by Michael Harlan Turkell

Faviken by Magnus Nilsson

The Noma Guide to Fermentation by Rene Redzepi and David Zilber

The artisanal Vinegar Maker’s Handbook by Bettina Malle and Helge Schmickle


Small Valley Milling

Castle Valley Mill

Susquehanna Mills


African Runner Peanuts on NPR



Primal Supply Meats

Riverwards Produce

Weavers Way Co-op

Connect with Isaiah: www.keepwellvinegar.com

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