012: Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse with Jonathan and Nina White

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Today’s guests are Jonathan and Nina White from Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse in Milford New Jersey where they make award winning cheeses from the milk of their grass-fed cows bake bread from locally sourced heirloom grains in their single chamber wood fired oven. Jonathan left a career in the software industry and Nina left a career in dance to start to build their farmstead operation.

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In today’s episode, Jonathan, Nina and I discuss:

  • cheese and break making experiences in Germany, Denmark, Jamaica, Seychelles, France

  • Jonathan’s experience teaching Tibetan farmers to make cheese from dri’s milk (female yak)

  • how the taste of bread made from Frederick wheat harvested from New Jersey varies from that harvested in Toronto

    …and much more

Check out the resources Jonathan and Nina recommend:

David Amram

Oasis at Bird in Hand

University of Toronto - Food Studies

The Bread Builders by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott

Gunter Seeger Restaurant in New York

Peace Tree Farm

Stokes Farm

Hudson Valley Duck Farm

Regional Access

Heritage Grain Conservancy)_Eli Rogosa

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

America Farmland Trust

Connect with Jonathan and Nina: www.cowsoutside.com

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